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We offer you and your business powerful and easy-to-use solutions in the form of crypto instruments for free, without compromises and trial periods. With our powerful and beautiful widgets you can attract more traffic on your website. Our HTML-widgets it’s very simple for embeds — just one tag.


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The Crypto Converter Widget is a free, easy-to-use, and beautifully UI real-time web tool for converting cryptocurrencies. Customers can choose from approximately ~170 fiat currencies and around ≈2000 cryptocurrencies.

HTML Code ✅

Shield: WordPress Plugin

If you are using WordPress CMS, you can install this widget as a plugin.


For Developers 🧑‍💻

symbolbooleanfalse☑️Currency symbol ($).
shadowbooleanfalse☑️Shadow of widget.
livebooleanfalse☑️Prices are updated real-time.
font-familystringinherit☑️Font of widget.
border-radiusstring0.60rem☑️Border radius of widget.
background-colorstring#1e40af☑️Background color of widget. Gradient supported.
fiatstringunited-states-dollar☑️Fiat currency.
cryptostringbitcoin☑️Crypto currency.
decimal-placesint2☑️Decimal places.
amountfloat1☑️Amount of currency.

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